Ensuring you are properly set up for VAT is essential for any small business.

For every business it is essential that you choose the most appropriate VAT scheme and that your accounting records are up to date and accurate to enable preparation of your vat return. There are advantages and disadvantages to all schemes and so it is important to take the time to decide which one is most appropriate before applying to HMRC for VAT.

In addition to choosing the right VAT scheme for your business,

  • Standard
  • flat-rate
  • cash

There is also a choice of the frequency of reporting your VAT to HMRC on a quarterly or annual basis

Here at Gibson Accounting, we can help you and your business to navigate the world of VAT in clear jargon-free language. For impartial guidance on setting up an effective VAT scheme and how it affects your business, contact us on the below contact form.


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