Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax

Inheritance tax planning ensures your loved ones

Inheritance tax, often referred to as death duties, can pose an unwelcome burden on your family at a time of great sadness. Inheritance tax is a complex area and often seen as unfair double taxation. To minimise any inheritance tax due requires an effective plan which should be prepared well in advance of any liability becoming due.

Inheritance tax used to only impact the very rich, however recent inflation within the housing market has pushed many middle income families into the inheritance tax domain. The current inheritance tax nil rate band (2016-17) is £325,000. If the deceased’s estate is valued above £325,000 tax at 40% is applied. This can result in some families being forced into selling an asset with sentimental value, such as a childhood home, to satisfy their inheritance tax liability.

Protect your family and legacy with effective inheritance tax planning

At Gibson Accounting, we can help you organise your estate to minimise both the inheritance tax liability, and protect your family. Our experience in dealing with HMRC means that we can give you clear, simple, plain english explanations of the options available to you based on your individual circumstances. We can work with you to establish:

• The most effective way to limit your liabilities
• Take advantage of allowances available to you in tax law
• Ensure that your family are not forced to sell their inheritance

The benefits of setting up an effective inheritance tax plan with Gibson accounting are:

• Peace of mind knowing that you have planned for your loved ones
• Knowing that experienced accountants will help you every step of the way

Why not speak to the team at Gibson Accounting to see how we can help you with inheritance tax planning to ensure you are ready for the future. Simply contact us via the below contact form to arrange an appointment to discuss your options.


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